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General Inquiries

What is Toothpic?

Toothpic is an innovative, photo-based teledentistry app that offers a virtual dental screening from a Delta Dental dentist, right from your smartphone.

How does Toothpic work?

To receive your virtual dental screening through the Toothpic app, just answer a few short questions about your oral health history and reason for visit. The app will help you take 6 guided photos of your teeth, gums, and concern areas. Your case and photos are sent securely through the app to a Delta Dental dentist for review. In under 24 hours, you’ll get a comprehensive and personalized diagnostic report on your results. Every issue is explained and marked on your photo with severity, treatment options, and cost estimations so you know where you stand on your oral health goals, and any next steps to take to achieve those goals.

How can I take the pictures of my mouth with my phone?

All you need is a mirror, a brightly lit room or natural sunlight, and your smartphone. We recommend you take the photos in a place that offers some privacy and where you feel comfortable.

The Toothpic app optimizes for high resolution imagery and will guide you through the process of taking photos, with clear instructions before and after each specific photo is taken. The app will indicate if your photo is too blurry and prompt you to retake it to ensure the highest quality photo for your report. There is no limit to the number of times you can retake a photo.

When should I use Toothpic?

If you are experiencing a specific dental issue or have a question about your overall oral health, use Toothpic to:

  • Ease your dental concerns and anxieties with a trusted confidential diagnosis from a Delta Dental dentist.
  • Address non-emergency dental issues with a virtual screening to understand severity of your issue, and get next steps on what to do.
  • Receive a virtual dental screening during off hours, when the dentist office is closed, or on your own time, without an appointment.
  • Experience the convenience of a virtual dental screening without leaving the comfort of your own home, especially if your dentist is far away, or there is limited provider coverage in your area.
  • Get a safe "no-contact" dental screening from a Dental Dental dentist to monitor your oral health or check in on a specific non-emergency dental concern.
When should I not use Toothpic?

If you have a dental emergency or urgent dental issue that requires immediate care, please find more information here. Please note that a Toothpic virtual dental screening will not be able to provide a prescription for medication.

What information is included in my report?

With a Complete Care Report, a Delta Dental dentist can review your photos and report on:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral hygiene
  • Crowding
  • Children’s oral health
  • Chipped teeth
  • Other dental concerns

The dentist will highlight any areas of concern on the photos you share, with notes explaining any areas of concern, next steps and possible treatments or home care regimen.

Note that the Toothpic virtual screening is not meant for treating emergency or urgent issues, but may establish how serious your concern is by providing a trusted dental consultation when it’s not practical for you to visit your dental office.

Is a Toothpic Virtual Dental Screening covered under my insurance?

Toothpic’s virtual dental screening is an additional way for you to access professional dental care. If your plan is eligible, Toothpic’s virtual dental screening will be covered as a diagnostic exam (CDT code D0140). For members with employer sponsored PPO and Premier plans, most plans cover diagnostic services at low or no cost.

Member deductibles, annual maximums, member cost share and frequency limitations do apply. A Toothpic virtual dental screening will count as 1 of your diagnostic exams for the year. Most plans cover 2 diagnostic exams per year.

If you are covered under another insurance company or do not have dental insurance, you may still receive a Toothpic virtual dental screening by paying $35.

Which Delta Dental plans are eligible for Toothpic?

Currently, Toothpic is available to enrollees covered under an employer-sponsored Delta Dental PPO™ or Delta Dental Premier® plan, or an Individual Delta Dental PPO plan or AARP PPO plan.

Some Delta Dental plan types do not allow members to use their benefits to pay for a Toothpic virtual dental screening. If your plan is not eligible, you may still receive a Toothpic Virtual Dental Screening by paying $35.

Ineligible plans: DeltaCare USA, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plans, federal employer-sponsored dental plans and state-sponsored dental plans, including Denti-Cal, employer-sponsored plans with networks other than PPO or Premier (also known as custom networks).

How much does Toothpic cost?

There is no additional charge to use the app. If you have an eligible plan, your virtual dental screening will be covered as part of your benefits. Please see question “Is a Toothpic Virtual Dental Screening covered under my insurance” for more details.

If your plan is not eligible for this virtual dental screening as a covered benefit, you may continue with the assessment by paying $35.

Who are the dentists providing the virtual dental screenings?

The dentists providing virtual dental screenings for Delta Dental members are part of Delta Dental’s PPO network, so you can trust the quality of care you receive.

In addition to Delta Dental’s credentialing process, dentists on Toothpic are separately credentialed and verified through Dentistat, the nation’s largest dental credentialing verification organization.

Can I receive a virtual dental screening from my own dentist on this app?

The app connects you to the first available Delta Dental dentist within your state, which may or may not be the dentist you see regularly. This dentist will review your case and photos and provide a personalized report of your oral care issue or question within 24 hours.

Can I request to connect with a specialty dentist?

The app connects you to the first available Delta Dental dentist within your state. All dentists on the app are equipped to identify an oral health issue and provide treatment recommendations and next steps if your case requires further care. You can use the in-app dentist directory to find a specialty dentist. However, you will need to visit them in person.

How do I register for an account on Toothpic?

Register for an account with the link provided to you in the emails from Delta Dental, from your employer, or on Delta Dental’s Enrollee Portal.

To create an account, simply enter the email address where you prefer to receive your private dental report and create a password. (We recommend you use your personal email so you are notified directly on your phone when your report is ready.)

How can I download Toothpic?

After registering for an account, you will see a QR code to scan with your smartphone camera. This will take you directly to the app download page on your phone. You can also enter your mobile phone number and a download link will be sent. After you download and open the Toothpic app, you will be automatically logged in.

Does Toothpic work on both iPhone and Android?

The Toothpic app is available for both Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. Use this registration website to create an account and download the app for access to a virtual dental screening.

Where can I find my enrollee ID?

You can access your digital ID card by logging into your Delta Dental account and following the instructions to access your digital ID card or print your coverage details. Your Enrollee ID is a 12-digit number found on your digital ID card. It may also be called your Member ID, Subscriber ID, or Policyholder ID.

How do I know which Delta Dental company is providing my coverage?

On your digital ID card, the Delta Dental company name that provides your coverage is after the "Provided by" field.

What if I lose or forget my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password for your Toothpic account, you can always request a new one. Just go to the forgot password page in the app or on the website. Enter the email address you used to register, and we will send you instructions to reset your password.

How many times can I use Toothpic?

A Virtual Dental Screening received through the Toothpic app is applied as a covered diagnostic assessment under your existing Delta Dental plan and is subject to your plan’s frequency limitations, cost sharing and annual maximums (also see question: Which Delta Dental plans are eligible for Toothpic?)

If you exceed your diagnostic exams frequency limitation (most plans cover 2 diagnostic exams per year), have exceeded your annual maximum, or if your plan is not eligible, you have the option to pay at an out of pocket rate of $35 for a screening.

Can my dependents use Toothpic?

If your dependents are covered under your Delta Dental PPO plan, they can use Toothpic to obtain a virtual dental screening. Each dependent will need to register for a separate account.

Can Toothpic be used to evaluate my child’s dental issue?

Yes, you may use Toothpic if you are the parent or legal guardian of your child. To use Toothpic for a child under the age of 13, you will need to create a new account with a unique email address. You will be asked to provide guardian consent and contact information, in compliance with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Can I send this report to my dentist?

Your Toothpic report is an informational tool to help you monitor your oral health and understand next steps in your dental care journey. Since the data and reports are yours to use and keep, you may share your assessment results with your treating dentist if you wish. Toothpic cannot route your patient information to your dentist. Any estimated costs for treatment options provided by Toothpic may not include the application of your dental insurance coverage and are for reference only. Actual treatment costs, should you use to take the next step for treatment, will vary.

How can I view my Explanation of Benefits after I receive a virtual dental screening?

Toothpic has integrations with Delta Dental to check for real-time eligibility and benefits within the app. Your virtual dental screening will be processed as a covered benefit, if you are eligible. If you receive a virtual dental screening through the Toothpic app, you may view your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) online once your claim has been processed by logging into your Delta Dental account and following the instructions to view your visits.

Is the Toothpic app available in different languages?

The Toothpic app and virtual dental screenings made by Delta Dental dentists are only available in English at this time.

What communications will I receive from Toothpic?

When you register for Toothpic, an account is created to securely manage your information related to your virtual screenings. Your email address associated with your Toothpic account will be used to communicate how to use the app, notify you when your report is ready, and request feedback on the program. Toothpic will not use your email address for any marketing or promotional purposes, and Toothpic will not share your email with any third-party vendors. You may opt out of Toothpic emails anytime by clicking "Unsubscribe" on the bottom footer of any Toothpic email, however you may miss important information such as when your diagnostic screening report is ready from your dentist.

What communications will I receive from Delta Dental?

Your Delta Dental online account is kept separate from your Toothpic account and is used to manage your benefits information. If you have elected paperless communications, Delta Dental may send product information on how to register and download Toothpic, periodic reminders, and announcements on new features released on the Toothpic app. Delta Dental will send you a standard EOB by email or U.S. mail, based on your communications preference selections, after you have received your dental checkup from Toothpic, similar to how you receive an EOB when you visit the dentist today after an examination

Is my health information secure when accessing it through the app?

Toothpic is a HIPAA-compliant platform. This means your data is safe, secure and held to the highest security and regulatory standards. Toothpic holds your data in a safe and secure environment on-shore in the United States. Our platform uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and is subject to ISO 9001 quality audits.

How will Toothpic use my data?

Toothpic uses the information you provide when signing up to help operate the service more effectively, troubleshoot technical issues and identify which information is of most interest to users. When you create a case, you provide Toothpic with your health information. This information is shared securely through the Toothpic platform with a Delta Dental dentist to produce your personalized dental screening report.

For more details, please see the Toothpic Privacy Policy.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about the app?

There are several ways to get answers to your questions. First, see if they’re addressed in this FAQ. If you’d like to chat with a Toothpic Customer Care agent, log in to the Toothpic app on your phone, navigate to the Home screen, and click on the messaging icon.

At any stage, you can also email, and Toothpic Customer Care will assist you online. Customer Care is available to help you Monday to Friday, from 5am to 9pm PST.

Your feedback is always welcome and is extremely important to us. After you receive your report, you’ll be given an opportunity to give survey feedback on the app experience.

If you have questions regarding your member benefits, digital ID card, or claims: log into your Delta Dental account online or contact the Delta Dental Contact Center here.

If you have a grievance, submit the relevant form for your plan: Delta Dental PPO, DPO and Delta Dental Premier

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